Where Buyers Found their Homes

Sometimes, conventional wisdom just goes without saying.  However it is good to step back and look at the data. This week’s infographic (courtesy of the National Association of Realtors) reveals that nearly half (44%) of home buyers found their home on the internet with barely 1% doing so using a newspaper.  Keep that in mind [...]

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Single-Family Rental Returns Drop to Nine-Year Low

Data powerhouse RealtyTrac recently released their Q3 2016 Single Family Rental Market Report which found that for homes purchased in 2016 the average single-family rental returns dropped to a nine-year low.  Analyzing data from 473 counties, the report says the average annual gross rental yield (monthly rent, annualized, divided by median the home price) was 8.7% [...]

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Best and Worst Cities to Own Investment Property?

Looks like Florida is doing something right... Recently financial information site GOBankingRates.com surveyed 61 of America’s 100 most populous cities to determine which cities they believe are the best and worst for owning rental property.  Using data from Zillow and the U.S. government, they looked at four major factors in their evaluation;  Employment Growth, Population [...]

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Dumbwaiters on the Rise in New Homes and Renovations

Remember when elevators first started appearing in new homes?  Now the dumbwaiter, a home feature of the nineteenth century might be experiencing its own resurgence.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that dumbwaiters are making a comeback in new homes and high-end renovations.  Citing data from Realtor.com, they report that 45% of homes with dumbwaiters [...]

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Fall Fertilization Tips

Believe it or not, next week is the Autumnal Equinox (the first day of Fall is 9/22) and it’s time to think about lawn-care for the upcoming cooler months.  The following infographic from The Home Depot lays out why Fall is the perfect time and what exactly must be done to prepare yard for the [...]

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Drones and Real Estate

Drones are hot…and they’re not the radio-controlled toys you might remember from your childhood.  While the advantage of utilizing Drone photography and aerial video are just becoming practical for Realtors, the same benefits hold true for Real Estate Investors as well.  When was the last time you relished the thought of climbing up a ladder to inspect [...]

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Airbnb Plans to Partner With Landlords

Coming on the heels of numerous reports about tenants home-sharing their apartments without landlord knowledge or approval, Forbes is reporting that Airbnb has been working on a new program that will bring owners and landlords of multifamily buildings into its home-sharing service.  Airbnb calls it the Friendly Building Program, a new initiative that will let [...]

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Top 10 Cities for Boaters

Even though Summer is almost over it’s still worth taking a look at the 10 Best Cities for Boaters.  Recently, Redfin worked with Discover Boating to determine which major metropolitan areas have the most waterfront property for sale, the longest boating seasons and the largest boating communities.  Redfin data scientists evaluated 35 major metropolitan areas [...]

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The History of Labor Day

Well it’s finally here…the ceremonial end of Summer.  Monday was Labor day so here’s a quick infographic with some fun facts and a little history about Labor Day courtesy of Office Depot / Office Max.

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