Drones and Real Estate

Drones and Real Estate

Drones are hot…and they’re not the radio-controlled toys you might remember from your childhood.  While the advantage of utilizing Drone photography and aerial video are just becoming practical for Realtors, the same benefits hold true for Real Estate Investors as well.  When was the last time you relished the thought of climbing up a ladder to inspect a roof?  How about getting a good view of a chimney?  Now imagine if you could get a better image from all angles without ever setting foot on a ladder at all?  That’s where using drones can really payoff and contribute to your bottom line – and its much safer than climbing up a ladder.

“Aerial photography & video provides not only a unique view of the property for sale, but it also allows the buyer to view the surrounding area and gain a bit of perspective on how the property fits into the landscape, painting a wider picture and providing a view of where the property is located within the neighborhood, proximity to parks, public transportation, commerce and schools.”  Said Tom England, National REIA’s Director of IT & Media Production and owner ofTEngland Productions (a real estate photography service provider).

The following video from the National Association of Realtors is a good primer on how drones are changing the real estate industry.

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