Remember when elevators first started appearing in new homes?  Now the dumbwaiter, a home feature of the nineteenth century might be experiencing its own resurgence.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that dumbwaiters are making a comeback in new homes and high-end renovations.  Citing data from, they report that 45% of homes with dumbwaiters were built after 1999 versus 8% that were built between 1850 & 1950.  However, they’re not cheap and can cost anywhere from $4k to 12k a pop.  And, as with any emerging technology or trend, the early adopters pay for that privilege.   Either way, it’s an interesting throwback amenity for modern homes and might actually be quite handy in the right space.

“Residential dumbwaiter models can go up to 3-by-3-by-4 feet and hold up to 500 pounds. While most homeowners install them as part of a larger renovation or new construction, some models are small enough to fit into an existing laundry chute or other wall space.”

Click on the video below to see a dumbwaiter in action: